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March 7, 2012

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Patty Rouse



On Monday, our visionary co-founder, Patricia “Patty” Rouse passed away at the age of 85. Patty and her late husband, Jim Rouse, established The Enterprise Foundation (now Enterprise Community Partners) in 1982 to ensure that every person living in America has a decent, affordable home.

Theirs was an ambitious, audacious agenda. Still, so many lives and communities were touched by Patty and her life’s work. We’ve been touched by the many fond memories shared on FacebookTwitter and across the web. This small sample of those comments proves the profound impact of her lasting legacy.


“I met Mrs. Rouse once and find tremendous inspiration through her and her husband's work. A light has gone out, but her vision and memory will certainly live on.”

-- Ellen Kackmann on Facebook


"Patty Rouse was a visionary who, along with her husband, saw a time when all Americans would have a home they could call their own… We will miss Patty, her incredible work ethic and her spirit of giving.”

-- Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-District 7 via a statement made to WBAL TV


“Miss Patty was such a daily inspiration, and I will always remember the times she would encourage me to keep focused on mission of Enterprise.... I will miss her.”

-- Paul Yelder on Facebook


“I had the opportunity to work at the Enterprise Foundation in college and remember the great passion of Patty Rouse. She made a difference.”

-- Courtney Watson, Howard County Councilmember, @courtneywatson1 on Twitter

“A life superbly lived.”

-- John Leonard, @JohnLeonard10 on Twitter


“She and her husband were phenomenal trailblazers. We are thankful for their service and commitment to create economic vehicles that help communities transform.”

-- Janet Denise Ganaway Kelly on Facebook


“Our thoughts are with Patty Rouse, former board member of HoCoPoLitSo, who has died at 85. We miss her dearly.”

-- Howard County Poetry and Literature Society, @HoCoPoLitSo on Twitter


“She was a very kind person with the heart of an angel. I still have several angels she gave me over the years. That's how I want to remember her . . . an angel dedicated to helping her husband do amazing things for people many failed to even notice.”

-- Fran Johnson-Jamison on Facebook

Share your memories of Patty in the comments.


Jim & Patty on porch  

         Jim & Patty hug     Jim & Patty-Rummel pix



The Greens at Liberty Road-212


           Forest_Ridge_2009-097     Opening of the Ritz apartments at 1631 Euclid St NW Washington DC, for Enterprise.




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I had the pleasure of spending my first few days at Enterprise with Patty during staff orientation. I will never forget how much it meant to me that Patty took time to personally welcome each of us to the Enterprise family. My fondest memory of Patty is sitting with her during the bus tour of projects that she and Jim had been a part of in the DC area, her sense of making a positive impact on both individuals and communities has and will remain a vital part of why I continue to work in the field of affordable housing development. She will be deeply missed.
Tracy Dutson

I would like to take this time to send my condolences to the Rouse family. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Rouse family for allowing Mrs. Patty to live in the vision that God gave to her. Because of her vision and dedication to her purpose, she gave so many, like myself the audacity to dream and to start my own non profit in Brooklyn, NY. The Sabaoth Group, Inc partners with Develops/Managers to provide tenant services throught the Enreprises Foundation. ALthough I never knew her personally, I often time studied her and Mr Jim Rouse's vision. She is already missed in spirit and I pray conform for her family in this time of mourning.

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